• Providing all materials, labor, equipment and services.
  • Subcontracting with various trade and specialty contractors.
  • Applying for or assisting in the application process for building permits.
  • Monitoring schedule and cash flow.
  • Maintaining accurate records.
  • Ensuring a safe and secure project site.

Room additions installation serving Belleville and O’Fallon Illinois including the entire South County / St. Louis Area.

Room additions are possibly the simplest and most effective way to avoid a financial hit from the real estate market. Whether your family needs another bedroom or your ready to put in the home theater space you’ve always, dreamed of – adding a room to your existing home will add to its value and allow you to meet your family’s needs without having to move. To make a room addition project that has value and quality, you need to consult with experts in the field, like those at Klemme Construction, who provide room additions to serve the St. Louis Metro East Illinois area.

Perhaps, you’ve always wanted to work from home, but need a functional home office to make the transition. A room addition is the perfect option to make this dream come true.  Three-season sun porches are very popular room additions among many options offered in the St. Louis Metro East Illinois area. Other popular choices for room additions include exercise rooms and craft or hobby rooms.

If you need a bigger house, more space or just more useful space, you can get it with a room addition and not have to move. This means that you won’t have to meet new neighbors or learn your way around a new neighborhood; you won’t have to research school districts to find the right one; and perhaps, most importantly, you won’t have to worry about trying to sell your existing home. A room addition will provide you with all the extra space you need and let you stay in the community where you’re already comfortable.

Room additions increase the value of your existing home. When property values are calculated, they are based on square footage; so increasing your home’s square footage with a room addition will increase your property value. In the St. Louis Metro East Illinois area, just like the rest of the country, this is an important factor. Among the many home improvement options offered by Klemme Construction, room additions are the only project guaranteed to increase your home’s value.

A seamless construction is necessary to make sure that your room addition doesn’t make your home look like it was put together in pieces. We make sure that your room addition adds both value and quality to your home through seamless construction.

  • Can ensure that your room addition adds both quality of life by providing as many luxurious components as your budget will allow.
  • Provide value by using quality materials and expert contractors.
  • Stay on schedule, stay within budget and clean up after themselves.