Let’s talk about Bathroom Remodeling and the details: Mirrors and Frames

Are you unprepared to take on an entire bathroom remodeling project? How about some inspiring small changes you can do right now.


Framed mirror in the bathroom

Follow the style

When you go to buy a new mirror or just refresh the style of the frame, you should go and know your style.

Does your bathroom have African theme?

Or do you have romantic interior in your room?

If you have the style, follow it and you will be happy with your new decorating.

Choose the color

Most bathrooms don’t have any theme.

Usually the interior includes just one or two soft colors.

In this case take a look at most of your colors and choose the one that will have the color of the frame.

I like to frame the mirror in brown, because it is the less used color in this bathroom

Once this detail is added, the room becomes more harmonious.

Large mirror with the black frame


Decoration of the mirror

Don’t be afraid to play with interesting ideas.

You can take coffee seeds and add them to the frame.

This is so easy to do and so cheap to remodel your bathroom mirror.

Mirror frame made of coffee

Lighting in the bathroom

Light is one of the most important details in decorating.

Your new frame will look gorgeous when it has small lights above the mirror.

If you like wooden frames, then go and do it.

The best choice for the old frame would be its renovation.

You can search for companies that will do it for you.

The antique style of the mirror will make your bathroom look gorgeous.

Every guest that enters your room will think that you bought the mirror for hundreds of dollars!

Bathroom lighting above the mirror
Lighting above the bathroom mirror

No matter how you choose to decorate your space, you will have great results with these new interior ideas and unique styles.

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